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What Dog Owners Should Look for in Rentals

Looking for a new apartment in LA for your and your pet? We’ve got tips for how to find a dog-friendly rental that the both of you will adore.

Exercise & Activity

Los Angeles is a great walking city. As such, it’s a terrific city for dog owners. (Dogs love their walks, after all!) Trails and parks are located within about 10 miles of any point in urban LA. That means there’s always a place nearby to walk or run with your dog. Think about what types of activities you do with your pet and try to prioritize the location accordingly.

Extra Amenities Make a Different

When searching for dog-friendly apartments in downtown Los Angeles, look for extra amenities that make pet ownership more enjoyable than stressful. Luxury apartments like Eight & Grand offer a dog run that makes exercise simple and a pet spa that keeps your dog looking and smelling clean. Concierge services also mean you have a helping hand when it comes to finding a local dog walker or sitter.

Space & Storage

As you hunt for the right DTLA pet-friendly rental, consider the floor plan. Open layouts with ample storage make it easy for your dog to roam freely without hazards. After you move in, store or display items out of reach to ensure your dog doesn’t knock over breakable items. In addition to thinking about storage, an open floor plan makes it easier to define spaces for your dog. Marking off a spot for your dog’s bed, water bowl, and food bowl gives your pet a place they know they belong. Keep toys in rooms or areas that are okay for play rather than in areas, like your office space, that require your full attention.

Owning a dog has been shown to reduce stress and lead to better productivity and physical health. By finding and setting up a dog-friendly home, you can enjoy a less stressful and more rewarding life with your animal companion.