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Ways To Thank Your Colleagues

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Thanksgiving is, indeed, for being thankful for the things and people in your life, so as you depart from the affordable apartments in Los Angeles to head to work this holiday season, you might find yourself wanting to show some gratitude to your cherished co-workers. This is a task that can be easier said than done, however, as not only do you have to express that appreciation in a manner that’s heartfelt, you’ll want to observe some of the rules of etiquette to ensure your “thank you” is one that’s equal parts sincere and professional. It’s not an impossible endeavor, though, so today we’re going to walk you through some of the things you should keep in mind when drafting those business-like shows of cheer and appreciation.

Giving Thanks In A Professional Setting

So, what’s the point in showing gratitude in a professional setting? According to Entrepreneur, there’s a rather practical reason that goes beyond the good feelings that come from being grateful:

“According to a 2007 Maritz poll, nearly 80 percent of employees reported praise for a job well done was very important to their overall job satisfaction. A simple show of appreciation through a note or a small gift will help you retain quality contacts.”

Now, as we mentioned, there’s an art to showing that appreciation, and it’s often done best through a simple thank you note. Again, Entrepreneur offers up some tips on making sure you execute with perfection, and it all starts with making sure your note is a handwritten one.

While you might be able to type out a note faster than you can write one by hand, the act of composing a handwritten note stands out, first off because it’s a rarity in today’s digital age. Secondly, though, it allows for a bit of creative flair that you might not be able to achieve with a strictly digital message. Few things can match the sincerity of sitting down and with pen and paper to express your thoughts, so when given the choice between an “e-card” and the real deal, always opt for the latter.

To make your card even more striking, you might want to select some personalized stationery, or make it a completely DIY kind of card rather than a generic one. Again, the point is to stand out, and individualize your thank you note so that it sticks in the mind.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that you mail your thank you immediately after the action that prompted it (don’t wait for weeks to say thanks), and be sure to follow up and maintain those professional relationships on a regular basis (only reaching out infrequently will make your appreciation seem less sincere).

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