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The Cinespia Cemetary

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The Cinespia Cemetary Screenings Will Be a Movie Lover’s Dream

If you love movies (and let’s face it, there are few in the LA apartments who don’t), you may well have asked yourself how you can enhance your film-viewing experience. You’ve done the big multiplexes, the artsy single-screen theaters, and seemingly everything in between — now, it’s time for a change of pace. The Cinespia Cemetery Screenings will be offering a chance at exactly that, with a classic May movie lineup at Hollywood Forever Cemetery that will totally transform your ideas about how best to enjoy a good cinematic feature. We’ve got the details here, so let’s jump in and explore what you’ll need to know.

What’s the Idea Behind Cinespia?

To provide a bit of backstory to the idea (and history) that fuels Cinespia, we’ll first turn to this article from Thrillist, which detailed the concept’s rise to prominence back in 2017. That concept, by the way, is a simple (yet amazing) thing:

“Surrounded by the gravestones of Hollywood legends, a sold-out crowd of 4,000 people gather with picnics and booze in tow to watch their favorite movies on weekend nights. With elaborate movie-themed photo booths, notable DJs and dance parties, and occasional all-night marathons, these Cinespia screenings offer a giant living room for all of LA.”

In other words, adults both young and old flock to the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery (at the Fairbanks Lawn, specifically), to enjoy some old (but memorable) movies out in the open on a big screen, surrounded by fellow movie lovers, and with some welcomed extras that only enhance the experience. This is nothing like going to the multiplex, and gives moviegoers a chance to take in these classic films in a setting that few others can imitate. Surrounded by the tombstones of legends like Rudolph Valentino, Peter Lorre, and Jayne Mansfield, there’s a certain energy that can’t be replicated in the theatre, and, as we all know, being outdoors on a warm spring night is a feeling that always warms the heart.

How did this amazing idea first take off, you might wonder? Cinespia was first conceived in 2002, by founder John Wyatt, and when they held their initial screening of Strangers on a Train, there were only 400 people in attendance. It was an instant success, you might say, for subsequent screenings drew larger and larger crowds, and today, as Cinespia is now drawing closer to two decades old, thousands head to the cemetery to check out the movies on offer. This event routinely sells out to the number of 4,000 fans — all the more reason to make sure you get those tickets as soon as you can!

Staying this popular in an age where streaming movies at home is all the rage is no mean feat, and one that Cinespia has accomplished in part because of the unique atmosphere it sets, the sense of community they’ve managed to build, and, of course, the awesome film selection that their lineup is well-known for. Let’s take a look at which movies will be on the list for this upcoming installment of the event, shall we?

What’s on the Lineup This Time Around?

In a word, the movies that Cinespia screens could be described as “classics.” Wyatt, who says he has a “specific formula” for selecting the movies for each installment of Cinespia, tends to choose movies that will challenge audiences in one way or another, and are timeless in the sense that they possess a great story that audiences can understand and enjoy regardless of the particular era. Knowing that, this May’s Cinespia lineup most certainly fits the bill, and you’ll have the opportunity to see:

  • Beetlejuice — This 1988 Tim Burton feature stars Michael Keaton as the wacky spirit, Beetlejuice, as he “aids” the recently-deceased Maitlands (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) in their efforts to scare away the new owners of their country home. Things do not go as planned, and antics, predictably, ensue.
  • The Matrix — Most everyone remembers when The Matrix first came crashing onto screens in 1999, with a then-youthful Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. Now watch Neo and Morpheus fight to reveal the secrets of The Matrix again out on Fairbanks Lawn like never before.
  • Legally Blonde — Reese Witherspoon stars as sorority queen Elle Woods as she attempts to earn her Harvard law degree and win back her boyfriend by proving that she is not, as he assumed, “too blonde.”
  • Rear Window — This suspenseful tale from Alfred Hitchcock follows a hospitalized newspaper photographer who attempts to solve a murder he believes he witnessed while snooping through the window during his recuperation.
  • The Goonies — Who doesn’t love the adventures of a plucky band of 80s kids? The Goonies follows this group of intrepid youth as they search for treasure and endure all manner of high-energy hijinx along the way.
  • The Birdcage — This film is actually a remake of an earlier French movie, a comedy about a gay couple (played by Robin Williams and Nathan Lane) attempting to disguise their relationship to impress their son’s future father-in-law.
  • Princess Mononoke — One of Hayao Miyazaki’s crowning achievements, Princess Mononoke tells the story of Ashitaka, as he attempts to find a cure for the infection that ails his body, and broker peace between the human and animal worlds throughout his quest.
  • Jaws — Steven Speilberg’s thriller about the giant, deadly shark is one that will get the blood pumping, even more than 40 years after it was first released!
  • Reality Bites — Get ready for a heaping helping of Gen X angst, as a lineup of 90s superstars claw their way through the perils of young adulthood.

Be sure to check the calendar to pinpoint the exact dates these screenings will take place, and to get your tickets before they’re sold out!

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