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The Best Art Walks In LA

A man looking at four framed photographs in a gallery

Walking around looking at art is a criminally underrated way to pass the time in many parts of the country. Some just don’t understand the serenity you can achieve while gazing upon the works of old masters and talented up-and-comers. Near the luxury apartments in DTLA, however, things are slightly different. The love of art walks is so great here that you’ve got more than one to choose from -- each offering something a bit different, but all spectacular to experience.

If you need to trim things down to a few options, though, why not let us lend a hand? Today, we’ll be highlighting some stand out art walks throughout the area, complete with the details you’ll need to enjoy them to the fullest. These grand tours will take you around downtown and to some of LA’s finest breweries (among other locations), and will feature a combination of many genres, skills, and perspectives. Let’s begin.

Downtown Art Walk

Perhaps the most notable of Los Angeles’ many art walk events is the Downtown Art Walk. The product of the downtown community’s desire to bring some focus to the wonderful art in this part of the city. The Downtown Art Walk has been going for years, with over a dozen galleries participating in the fun. Coming up soon on their thrilling calendar of events is the Historic Core Mural Tour, which “exposes art enthusiasts to the rapidly expanding street art of the Historic Core.” There’s art in many a hidden corner around the city, as the tour will reveal, you never know what you’ll find in the nooks and crannies of the downtown LA streets.

Brewery Art Walk

The Brewery Art Walk throws a slightly different twist on things. This twice yearly art walk takes place in both the spring and the fall, at the “world’s largest art complex,” the Brewery Arts Complex. In case you’re unaware of the background, the BAC was created at the site of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery back in 1982. Since that time it has evolved into a substantial artist-in-residence community, a place where artists live and create. During the Brewery Art Walk, you’ll have the opportunity to see the new works and speak with over a hundred of the artists on location, heading straight to their studios and purchasing some fine art along the way.

Venice Art Crawl

The Venice Art Crawl takes place on May 17th, on Venice Boulevard, and will cover a 1.5 mile stretch of the roadway where you can view the art, music, theatre, performance art, book readings, poetry, and plays that are a mainstay of the area. There will be bars, restaurants, and even individual homes getting in on the action, and, in addition, children’s events that start around 3:00PM. This will be a unique opportunity to catch the beach from a different angle.

First Fridays At Abbot Kinney

Alternatively, you could head to the First Fridays on Abbot Kinney. While the event does indeed feature a large gathering of food trucks, it is also has a large assemblage of the “best artists, gifts, products and music in the area.” This event provides another chance to get in on Venice Beach’s interesting action and special merchants, with the added bonus of delicious, A-list food trucks in attendance. You’ll get your fill of fun stuff to look at and great eats all at the same time.

Long Beach Second Saturdays

Head over to Long Beach from 4:00PM to 10:00PM on the second Saturday of every month, around the East Village Art District and you’ll stumble into a “charming street fair,” Long Beach Second Saturdays. This event used to consist of an extravagant community event where entire roads where closed down to traffic so the artists and musicians could do their thing. Due to “objection from local businesses,” however, the event has been restricted to the indoors, between local galleries and art-related businesses. It’s still a ton of fun, though, with patrons noting it’s grand fun for both children and adults, and a great place to pick up some hip new artwork.

Leimert Park Art Walk

On the last Sunday of every month you’ll be able to experience the Leimert Park Art Walk, a large group event with a focus on developing the sense of community within the Leimert Park District. According to LA Weekly, this rare-but-powerful feature has worked hard at “expanding contemporary artistry and preserving a historic African-American cultural center in the age of gentrification,” and has been able to draw crowds to Leimert Park’s dense art community, creating a collection of “micro-businesses” focusing on the arts. You’ll find not only art for sale here, but food, youth activities, DJs, and even an “all-day open mic session,” a chance for rising talent to further hone their skill at their performing crafts against an eagle-eyed audience.

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