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Survive Valentine's Day In LA

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With each day that passes, Valentine’s Day draws ever nearer. Special someones across the nation will be out in full force, flooding the streets, perhaps even expecting a fun-filled day of excitement, action, and romance. Even those in the best apartments in Los Angeles aren’t safe, and you’ll need a plan if you’re going to survive this V-Day and come out the other end with your good name intact. With that in mind, we’re going to help you navigate your way through the minefield that is February 14th, with a surefire Valentine’s day plan that will make you look like you had it all under control from the very beginning. Read on, this is your chance to be a V-Day hero.

Start With Your Prep Work

The first thing you’ll need to do is take care of those Valentine’s day essentials: flowers, gifts, etc. Gifts, if you are exchanging them, should be a relatively easy prospect. You know what your significant other likes and you’re savvy enough to tease the answer out of them without being too overt (that way it’ll look like a pleasant surprise when you get them what they want).

If you ‘re stuck on ideas or just have a dearth of planning skills in this area, though, you might want to turn to some guided advice. The Strategist can help you out in this regard. Just read through The Best Gifts To Give Your Valentine and become inspired. There are plenty of out-of-the-ordinary and original gift ideas out there -- you just need to stay determined and find them.

The same goes for flowers. Around LA, there are dozens of flower shops that can hook you up with what you need, but if you’ve got no experience purchasing flowers for someone else on this special day, it’s time to hit the books and buff up on your knowledge. It’s not as difficult as you might be dreading it is, and this Preparing For Valentine’s Day guide gives you all the advice you’ll need to nail it when it’s time to buy those pretty bouquets.

Lastly, if you’ve got the big idea to do a romantic dinner at home, you’ll want to start getting ready for that well in advance. BBC Good Food has set the game plan on dinner done right, so follow those steps, keep it simple, and keep a cool head to ensure that you impress with your culinary mastery. If you’re worried your cooking skills might not be up to snuff, be sure to try a practice run or two to ensure you know exactly how to make that dish you’ve had your eye on.

Attend Some Valentine’s Day Festivities

Now, this is where the meat of the action takes place. There are countless events going on February 14th, and you can even devise some of your own fun if nothing appeals to you. The key here is to make sure that you pick something exciting and appealing -- thankfully, we’ve already got our eyes on some choice options to get you started in your brainstorming.

Valentine’s Day Beer And Chocolates

Is there a finer pairing than beer and chocolates? You’d be hard-pressed to find one, so on Valentine’s day, why not head over to Alosta Brewing Company in Covina to check out their Beer And Chocolates spectacular? It’ll be going on from 7PM-9PM, with a guest appearance from the guys at Crust & Crumble Bakery. There will be desserts, there will be beer, and attendance is free. The only thing you’ll have to shell out some cash for are the treats you want to indulge in. Also, be sure to RSVP ahead of time to ensure you’ve got a slot and they know how much they’ll need to make for the entire crowd.

Valentine’s Day With The Dollface Dames

If you want to try something wholly unique for V-Day, why not try out a burlesque show? A sexy night of variety entertainment is a surefire way to get you and your date’s blood pumping, and the Dollface Dames will be at Antonio’s On Melrose at 8PM and 10PM for a night that will surely be remembered:

“The Dollface Dames are back at Antonio's On Melrose for our 5th year and we are really turning up the heat! Your Valentine's Day experience includes complimentary party favors, an intimate one hour show in the private backroom exclusive for our guests, fire performances, & more.”

This show will be hosted by Vixen DeVille (who you may well have seen on the TV series Masters Of Illusion) and will be a stunning display of talent. Score your tickets early and be on time for an event that will surely leave you feeling like the time spent was well worth it.

Valentine’s Decorating Date Night

Perhaps a quiet couples event is more your speed? Valentine’s Decorating Date Night in West Hollywood is sure to fit the bill, then, as you and your date will be able to get together with likeminded couples and start decorating cakes and cupcakes how you see fit. This event is happening over at Duff’s Cakemix (the first DIY dessert design studio, very trendy) and come with some star appeal sprinkled in:

“Your canvases are the famous, pre-baked cakes and cupcakes created by Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman. Your kit comes with colorful buttercream, flexible fondant and tasty toppings. Our studio provides the decorating tools, embellishments and expert guidance, and you of course bring the most important ingredient of all — creativity.”

You’ll need to get your tickets in advance to attend, and you’ll need to snag them early since spots are limited, but once your there you’ll have the thrill of enjoying a masterful dessert, even if you skipped out on the dinner portion of the evening.

Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner

Of course, there’s no reason you have to skip out on the dinner, even if you aren’t making it yourself. For a dinner done right (by someone else) head to the 11th Annual Valentine’s Dinner at The Fig House, and get yourself an amazing six-course tasting menu courtesy of Steve Fortunato and the entire Hospitality Collaborative team.

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