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Trees and bushes in the Kyoto Garden

As our ever-increasing population attests, L.A. is, of course, beautiful. This is especially evident when viewed from above. There are so many fine vantage points where one can take in the beauty of this city, from atop the Hollywood sign in Beachwood Canyon to the Griffith Park Observatory to the many rooftops of downtown, which are known not only for their skyline views but also for their exclusive bars, pool parties, tennis courts, and lately, for their botanical charm.

Yes, there are gardens in the city, elevated gardens with gorgeous views. And while the proposed sculpture garden at Eighth and Grand will offer a brand new addition to the many oases sequestered in scattered enclaves high above the hustle and bustle of our fair city -- it will not be the only elevated natural garden in DTLA.

Case in point: the Rooftop Kyoto Garden, one of downtown’s many hidden gems, is an oasis of manicured bonsai, gentle waterfalls and a variety of flora. Visitors usually happen to be guests of the New Otani at 120 S. Los Angeles St., but hey, anyone can have a drink at the hotel bar and then casually wander over for a stroll in this splendid haven, too. The view of the San Gabriel Mountains is stunning.