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LA Zoo Lights Holiday Season

Two kids looking at giraffes at the zoo

Of the many wonders well within the reach of the luxury apartments of downtown Los Angeles, the LA Zoo stands tall as one of the city’s strongest attractions. As you might expect from a zoo, it’s famed for its animal displays, educational programs, and conservation efforts. This holiday season, though, that all takes something of a side seat to another attraction: The LA Zoo Lights will be brightening up the zoo grounds through January 7th, and residents from around Los Angeles will be pouring in to get a glimpse at the illuminating displays. If you’re one of the many who’s interested in what the LA Zoo Light will entail, keep reading, as we’ll be delving into what this yearly tradition has in store for the end of 2017.

So What Are The LA Zoo Lights?

The LA Zoo Lights provide an opportunity to stroll the zoo and simultaneously have some holiday fun. Just check out this general description, provided by the zoo themselves:

“L.A.’s brightest holiday tradition returns, now more brilliant than ever! Make unforgettable holiday memories as you explore this wild wonderland of light under the stars at the beautiful L.A. Zoo. Along the way, view real reindeer, visit with Santa on select dates, and enjoy seasonal treats and goodies.”

So, let’s break all that down. What exactly does the tradition entail? Timeout provides a more in-depth backstory that provides some additional insight:

“There's a charming premise that ties everything together: A group of LED monkeys have comandeered a Christmas tree and the zoo's power supply. The glowing "Animal Power" cord they've draped across the grounds electrifies everything from desert flora laced with lights to a purple, disco ball-filled forest.”

In a nutshell, it means that the whole of the zoo will be covered with bright lights, and the various displays will provide an amazing backdrop underneath which you can walk and enjoy the premises in a “whole new light,” so to speak. This year, the spectacle promises some interesting new displays:

“Standout displays include elephant statues animated with projection mapping, a twinkly light tunnel and "ZOOray for Hollywood," a festive interpretation of L.A. landmarks.”

In addition to that, there will be a prime opportunity to scope out some reindeer, something few people ever get to see live and up-close:

“Visit our Reindeer Village, where you will be able to see real reindeer, and enter the Holiday LAIR, where you’ll see live animals among their fanciful, glowing counterparts. There will also be designated spots for holiday-themed selfies and family portraits, as well as sweet treats and gifts available for purchase.”

Sounds good. Next you’ll need to decide if you want to go it alone, go with a friend, or take along a whole group to explore the zoo during the festivities. The zoo says there are self-guided tour paths of the zoo you can take that last from 60-90 minutes. These take you through all of the animal-themed displays, projections, laser shows, etc. For a more catered view of the lights, though, you can try one of their group packages, which provide access to some of the special venues around the zoo:

“Our “Treetops” venue is at the heart of it all, with spectacular views of the light displays. The curved, sweeping ceiling is draped with hundreds of twinkling lights and giant LED-lit ornaments of all shapes and sizes suspended from the center. Ideal for up to 500 guests, with adjacent gazebos for smaller gatherings.”

There’s a VIP for high-class guests:

“The “Rainforest Stilt House” is a spectacular VIP retreat where guests are ensconced on the second floor of an open-air Amazonian stilt house with unobstructed views of the lights and crowds below.”

They even provide guest accommodations for corporate groups and their families, providing a discounted rate for such assemblages and allowing businesses to treat their employees, customers, and others to a great time under the lights.

If you’re just looking to enjoy a smaller group, gathering, though, you can simply one of the gazebos near the Treetops venue and enjoy yourself that way. While you’re there, you can even score some food and drinks from Taste Of The Wild, the zoo’s in-house catering service.

Enjoying the lights and good food sounds like quite the treat. The only question now is, how do you gain entry to the zoo during this period? The answer is simple: obtain some tickets. There are three tiers of “Prime Night” tickets when you hop online and decide to order them that way: Children Under 2 (Free), Children 2-12 ($14.95), Adults ($19.95). Bear in mind that those prices increase when you order at the Box Office or Call Center, with the Children 2-12 price rising to $16 and the Adult price to $21. Around the board, ticket prices are a bit less if you choose the Value Night tickets, and discounted even more if you are a zoo member.

There are also some stipulations you’ll have to keep in mind. For instance, the tickets you purchase will only grant you entry for a specific date/time period at the LA Zoo Lights. In addition, those entry times might be modified by the zoo for whatever reasons they deem necessary, meaning you might not get it at the exact time listed on your ticket purchase. Furthermore, the dates and times of some special events, like Holiday Happy Hour, might change if the zoo decides to do so. It’s a good idea to stay abreast of the changes so you don’t end up with an unwelcome surprise.

Speaking of which, you can avoid a bunch of hassle by getting your tickets early and coming to the zoo prepared for a hike:

“Buy your tickets in advance to avoid the worst of the entry lines. Also, tickets are a typically a few dollars cheaper during the first week of Zoo Lights. And wear comfortable shoes; the lights only cover about a third of the zoo grounds, but you'll be walking slightly uphill for most of the way.”

If you have any additional questions about the particulars about LA Zoo Lights, be sure to check out their FAQ page. They’ve got the most common questions and answers listed for potential guests to pore over.

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