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Rows of produce at the market

We’ve covered Oyster Gourmet and Eggslut, but there’s more to discover at Grand Central Market. Across from the iconic Bradbury Building at West 3rd and Broadway, GCM is the perfect place to wander on your lunch break downtown. While you could just follow your nose, lunch is short, so let us help you find some of the best food stands in DTLA…


> Farm to table done right. The folks behind Belcampo raise, slaughter and butcher the meat themselves. This progressive NorCal import is catching on with carnivores up and down the coast for their sustainable, humane and delicious approach.

Wexler's Deli

> The best corned beef sandwich in the city. We know that’s a serious claim to make of any L.A. establishment, especially a joint as new as Wexler’s, but they might have done it. Even if your loyalty to Canter’s or Langer’s has been ingrained over the years, you need to try their mouthwatering sandwich. It’s hand-sliced, hot and delicious.

Las Morelianas

> Their carnitas tacos hit the spot, giving their neighbors and pork specialists Michoacan a run for their money. Two words: Free sample. Just try some and you shouldn’t have any problem shelling out a mere $2.50 for the real deal. They serve generous portions and have a copious salsa bar.

Valerie Confections

> Their signature confection, the Petit Four, is sweet and savory. And if salted caramel croissants don’t get you excited we don’t know what will. Their sweet treats make a great desert that’s well worth the calories, but if you’re in the mood for a more formidable breakfast (and the line at Eggslut is too long) try one of their egg sandwiches.

317 S. Broadway

[photo of Belcampo by the author]