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Exciting Things To Do In DTLA

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Whether you're renting one of the DTLA Apartments, are new to the city, or are just visiting, you'll probably find yourself wondering what there is to do here. Where do you go on a day off? Where are the hot spots? What neat, unique places does the city have to offer? Well, you're in L.A. now, and this fantastic area has something for absolutely everyone. There's no end when it comes to things to do, and way too many to put into one article, but here are some of the best for a variety of interests. Pick your favorites, then get out there and enjoy yourself!

Read Much?

If you happen to be a bit of a bookworm, or simply love a good read, then Downtown is the perfect place for you to pick up your next favorite novel. Every city has it's own library, but the L.A. Central Library is absolutely fantastic. Head over to 630 W 5th Street and you can see the stunning architecture of this building. Inside, modern meets historic as you browse the fantastic collection of works and arts. The museum's schedule is chock full of fantastic events, too. From children's events to help them learn and grow to adult classes on self-publishing, poetry, collage illustration, and more, they have something for everyone.

Those who love to read can also head over to The Last Bookstore. Once a bank, this building has been turned into a paradise for all things literature. Combining unique design with an outstanding collection, this bookworm's dream come true has been featured in The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, CNN, and more. You can sell and trade your books, CD's, and DVD's, as well as attend any of the events they have going on month after month. Out of the two options above, there's enough to keep any avid reader busy all year long.

Outdoor Activities

For those that love to get some sunshine and fresh air, you live in the riht city! There are too many activities to count, but here are some of the best one's out there.
No city is complete without a beautiful park, and DTLA lives up to that expectation with Grand Park. The area is large enough to make you feel as though you've gotten away from the bustling metropolis, allowing for many to relax or exercise in peaceful environment. The playground is huge, and sure to give your kids hours of fun. When it comes to city parks, you're sure to find what you're looking for here. Oh, they have concerts and festivals here, too!

You can take part in the DTLA Art Walk every second Thursday of the month. It's a fabulous blend of culture, food, music, and (of course) the arts. You'll be able to view amazing galleries while having a good time with the community of the Downtown area. If that scene is a little too crowded for your liking, but you still love to see a fine gallery, then head over the Arts District. You can easily make a whole day out of exploring the wonderful shops, craft beer hot spots, and delicious eateries without ever making it the whole way through. Just find a spot to park and start walking, it's an adventure right in the city!

Make a trek to Disney hall. You'll find a staircase worth climbing that lets out onto one spectacular view of the city. Certainly a must see outdoor location. If any of the above has sounded exciting, then really get out into the city and walk around. DTLA is teeming to the brim with more than we could ever put in this article. There's no ends to the excitement you can find just around the corner.

Museums, Museums, Museums!

A trip to the museum can make any day spectacular, and the city is filled with them. You could head to the contemporary art museum The Broad, learn something new at the Japanese American National National Museum, take part in the interactive Grammy Museum at L.A. Live, or see the neatest fashion trends at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum. There's also the highly recommended MOCA. The Museum of Contemporary Arts has some the best exhibitions you will ever see from top artists in the scene. Check out their permanent collection, and see their schedule for changing exhibitions as well. Whether you love or hate contemporary art, there really isn't anything quite like what you'll see here. Regardless of what type of museum you like to attend, there is certainly something here for everyone.

The Nightlife

When the day is coming to an end and you feel like letting loose, there are more than enough places that are as unique as they are classy. Have you ever been to a pre- prohibition bar? The city has three: the King Eddy Saloon, The Golden Gopher, and Cole's with its speakeasy back bar still intact. They're three fantastic pieces of history. Those looking for something on the ritzy side should check out The Edison. With a 20's vibe and strictly enforced dress code, this place boasts the highest level of class. You won't find anywhere else quite like it in the entire city. That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are more than enough cocktail bars with fine dining waiting for you to discover them.

DTLA Apartments

When choosing a place to stay, there are plenty of good options throughout the city. Why not stay in style? Find a place with luxury accommodations, modern designs, and one that is chock full of top amenities. The Eighth & Grand features some of the greatest amenities in the city, including:

  • A Whole Foods Market right in the building
  • a penthouse lounge
  • a fully equipped, state of the art fitness center
  • a resort style rooftop pool
  • a social clubhouse
  • an amazingly tranquil zen garden
  • a private screening room theater
  • free shuttle service for the Downtown area
  • underground, secured parking
  • a pet wash and grooming area for your furry friends
  • and much, much more.

Combine all of that with sleek, modern, jaw-dropping designs in every room, top of the line appliances, and spacious floor plans, and you have a home you might never want to leave!

From amazing DTLA apartments, to premier entertainment for all found throughout the city, L.A. has all the excitement, beauty, and relaxation you could ever ask for.