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Modern apartment interior with black and white furnishings

Studios are some for the best apartments in Los Angeles. For one, they are the perfect setup if you are living solo or with someone who doesn’t mind (really) close quarters. Studios are also a great alternative to single, two, and three bedroom apartments, which can cost double if not triple the price. On top of that, studios are great for those who want to experience living in a big, metropolitan city—such as Los Angeles, New York City, or Miami—but don’t want (or can’t afford) to shell out lots and lots of cash for a living space, especially one in which they probably won’t spend much time in.

Still, no matter what your life situation is—whether you are downsizing, moving out of your parents’ house for the first time, or celebrating a transitional milestone—living in a studio requires inspirational decorating in order to improve your mood, create privacy, and maintain an environment for you to thrive in. But how should you decorate your studio? Read on to learn decoration tips and tricks to taking your studio from plain and boring to fabulous and city chic.

Make the Most of the Space You Have

Studios, while some being a few more or less square feet, generally are small to begin with. Which is why it’s important that you make the most of your space. To do this, your walls should be painted in a white or light colored shade. As a rule of thumb, lighter colors open a space up, while darker colors close the space, making it appear smaller than it really is. If you move into a studio with a dark colored wall, ask your landlord or property manager if you can repaint the walls a lighter shade (we recommend that you stress how the lighter shade will be more beneficial for the studio).

You’ll also want to make sure that you open your windows and pull your blinds up (when you are home and it is during the day). That way, the natural light can flood in through the windows, making the space appear angelic and open.

There are Spaces within Spaces

Even though your studio is just one room, it doesn’t mean you have a bedroom, living room, and dining room clashing together in one space. Decorate your studio, organizing it into multiple living spaces. You can do this using furniture as room dividers. For instance, position a bookshelf between your living room and bedroom to make your bedroom more private. This will help when friends and family come in, and some want to relax and watch TV in the living room space while others want to have a peaceful chat with you in the bedroom space. If furniture isn’t enough of a room divider for you, consider installing curtains for you to pull across for privacy and back when you want more open space.

Take Advantage of the Walls

When we think of decoration, we normally think of the tables, chairs, you name it…with the walls coming last. However, you can leverage the walls to not only add colorful and personal style decorations to your studio but also install shelves for storage items (e.g. books, knick knacks, etc.), freeing up space for larger furniture items like the chairs and coffee table. Also, why not decorate a wall full of picture frames with images that inspire you or personal photos that ground you and make your studio feel like home? Decoration wise, you can leave the frames empty, positioning them at different angles (to pull off this style nicely, make sure you use different sizes and different colored frames). If you don’t like the idea of hanging up frames, why not hang mirrors instead? It can add decoration and a personal touch to your studio while equally making the space look bigger.

Add that Homey Touch

As mentioned, studios are notoriously small. But that can be a blessing in disguise. Take advantage of the smallness of your space, and make it homey and quaint. To do this, add cozy touches—such as wooden or wood styled furniture. A nice high stack of books in a corner is also a great homey touch.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Add personal decorative touches by hanging a plant on a ceiling hook. Or what about a chandelier you purchased at a garage sale? (Of course, make sure to ask your landlord or property manager if this is fine before doing so.)

Final Thoughts: Why Studios are the Best Apartments in Los Angeles?

Studios offer the perfect quaint getaway from the hustling and bustling city down below. Just because your studio space is small doesn’t mean you are doomed to live in a boring, cramped space. Instead, use these inspirational decorative ideas to add some flavor to your studio space. We guarantee that once you use all (or some) of these tips, you’ll fall in love with your studio even more. Have some more decorative ideas for studio living? Other comments or questions? Leave a comment below!

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