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CicLAvia in the Valley

Cyclists taking over an urban street for a ride

We know car culture rules in L.A. Ever since “the old road” the ancient Yang-Na Indians took to reach the La Brea tar pits was paved over and christened Wilshire Boulevard, cruising in our cars has been a rite of passage in the Southland -- and Los Angeles is of course the veritable autotopia of the entire western hemisphere.

But the folks at CicLAvia see a different L.A. They have the unabashed audacity to shut down major thruways across the city for the sole purpose of giving us all a rare glimpse at what a pedestrian friendly L.A. might look like. We have to admit, so far they have been pretty good at pulling it off without a hitch. Their ambitious events close whole chunks of the city so we can cruise motor-free on our two-wheelers. So polish up that Schwinn and hit the boulevard! Feel the breeze and listen to the gentle whirring of the wheels and the erie sound of no traffic noise while you take comfort in the fact that you will definitely not collide with a delivery truck.

This weekend they have charted a course through the SFV. From North Hollywood all the way to Universal City, you’ll be able to experience the East Valley like never before. So enjoy the eerie calm of no traffic noise and be safe out there. Next stop for CicLAvia enthusiasts will be just outside the city limits in Pasadena.

check out the map here

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