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California State Science Fair

A person assembling a small robot

Dating back to 1952, this year’s 64th annual California State Science Fair marks the finale of the academic year with nearly 1,000 participants from over 400 schools statewide. Simply put, that’s a lot of three-panel display boards and dioramas to wrap your mind around. Some of the questions being asked this year include: “Does our choice of bathroom stalls really matter?” to “Can bacteria predict the effects of music on the human brain?” Obviously, this isn’t your average high school science fair. Students grades 6-12 will be competing for over $50,000 in awards and exploring everything from solar efficiency to the ongoing search for exoplanets in star clusters. We are humbled by the minds of tomorrow and will have fun marveling at what these future scientists have been studying all year long.

Open to the public Monday, May 18th, 3-4pm at the California Science Center

[photo via Avid Academy]