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Best LA Wine Bars This Fall

A woman smelling a glass of red wine

There’s no time like autumn to get out of the LA apartments for a little while and enjoy a nice, tall glass of wine. It’s the season for reds, whites, and roses, and the City of Angels is like no other when it comes to offering up vino in the equally comfortable and social setting of the urban wine bar.

Few experiences can match the top-notch decor, knowledgeable staff, and amazing wine selection of such establishments, so to get you started in planning a nice little fall outing to one of LA’s finest, we’ve put together a short overview of a few great options. Take a look at what’s out there, then get a few friends together to enjoy.


If you’re ready to head over to Sherman Oaks for a bit, you’ll be delighted by the experience at Augustine, the brainchild of Oklahoma-born restaurateur Dustin Lancaster and wine veterans Matthew Kaner and David Gibbs. It’s got a decidedly vintage feel, reminiscent of the early 1900s, with a wide variety of wines that goes back even further — into the 19th Century.

Bar Covell

You’ll find another Lancaster/Kaner original in Bar Covell, located in Los Feliz. It’s a bustling location with a warm and rustic setting, complemented by a nice selection of wines that the staff know almost everything about. If you aren’t sure about what you want right off the bat, they’ll definitely be able to guide you in the right direction, and you can even supplement your tasting experience with their menu of light eats if you’re so inclined.

Esters Wine Shop & Bar

If you want to talk about selection, Esters Wine Shop & Bar in Santa Monica has it aplenty. There are wines here from France, Italy, Spain, and the good old USA, covering over 250 different choices. Inside, you’ll find that the atmosphere is light, cozy, and perfectly befitting an establishment selling such delectable beverages. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might even take a trip to the outdoor patio to enjoy a sip of some of your favorites.


What can be said about this French bistro in the heart of Los Angeles? Marvin has made a name for itself as a popular neighborhood hangout in Beverly, and locals flock to the premises for both the great wine and the great eats. In addition to the fabulous wine selection, you’ll have your pick of delicious plates ranging from rigatoni to oysters. Large groups are welcome, so feel free to get the whole squad together before you make a trip to this bustling wine bar.


Oriel, located in Chinatown, takes a hip and modern approach to the wine bar concept with a twist of that old-school French aesthetic. Families, couples, and solo drinkers are all welcome here, and you’ll be able to pair those glasses of wine you’re downing with a variety of French eats like escargot, bavette, and onion soup.

Bar Bandini

In a word, most describe Bar Bandini in Echo Park as “sexy.” It’s an appropriate descriptor, as the dark color pallette and night spot atmosphere help contribute to an environment that’s wholly sensuous. Adding to that energy is their wine list, which covers a range of natural and organic options (there’s even beer on the menu if you find yourself in the mood). While they don’t have any food options of their own, they’re more than willing to let you get some delivery from another establishment, so you can pick your spot here and pair that wine with just about any dish you can imagine.


If you’re headed to Mignon on Skid Row, you should prepare yourself for a charming experience, as the well-decorated space has turned up the interior decor to the max with its vibrant blues, fabulously framed artworks, and pressed tin ceiling. Beyond the welcoming atmosphere, however, you’ll find that the selection of wines is equally enthralling, covering a range of options that pair well with small food plates (of which you’ll also find several varieties in this spot). Mignon, as it turns out, also has a few items up for retail, so if you’re impressed and want a bottle to take home, you’re more than welcome to do so.

V Wine Room

In one of the lesser-traveled parts of West Hollywood is where you’ll find V Wine Room, the product of owner Mikey Consbruck’s unobstructed vision. The wine list is a who’s who of the boutique winemakers he personally knows, adding a little boost of flair to those who have made the cut. As for the atmosphere here, you’d hardly know you were near some of Hollywood’s hotspots, as the low-key feeling you get from the establishment provides the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle, if just for a moment.

Good Measure

For “good measure,” you should head over to Atwater Village and check out this unassuming yet well-stocked wine mecca. It’s another hit from the playbook of Matthew Kaner, and in addition to the many modern wines they include on the list here, the establishment has a few rare pours from the years of old, dating back to the 1950s and beyond, and covering locations such as France and Italy.

Bacaro LA

For a spot that’s right in Downtown LA, you’ll probably want to take a look at Bacaro, a hotspot for students, professors, and off-the-clock business types trying to cut loose. They focus on Italian wines here, but you’ll find that the selection still covers a fair range and will suit just about any occasion you might be visiting for.

You’ll Swear the Wine Tastes Better Around the LA Apartments

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