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Best Brunches in DTLA

Eggs benedict

If you survived June’s L.A. Beer Week like a true professional, then you probably spent more than one morning eating off that hangover at one of these fine establishments. Here’s a roundup of our current favorite brunch spots in DTLA…

Faith & Flower

 > Their full raw bar (and $1 oyster happy hour) is not to be missed, but we are talking brunch here, so we’ll have to focus on the eggs benedict pizza instead. Oh yes, that’s a thing. And try the croissant pudding, or malted waffles topped with caramelized pears, too. Mouthwatering. 705 W 9th St.  


 > Locali’s main location is in Franklin Square, and the folks behind that chic and casual hotspot recently opened up DTLA’s new home of the vegan breakfast sandwich – the Badasserie. Served on a sprouted English muffin with faux-sausage, fake-cheese, maple syrup and chipotle, it’s the healthy way to start your day on the go. (Pro tip: try it “Sir Nasty” style with Sriracha and red onions.) 817 S. Los Angeles  


 > If vegetarian isn’t your thing, L.A. has you covered. At Eggslut the line tends to be long – and for a good reason. Let’s just say they don’t skimp on the bacon, and their classic breakfast sandwich, served on a brioche bun (pictured), is a DTLA original oozing with deliciousness. We also recommend the Fairfax, the Slut, and of course, the biscuit with avocado burger. 317 S. Broadway   

Nickel Diner

 > We mentioned the Nickel Diner once before, and well, it deserves another shoutout here. 524 S Main is a great place to partake in any post-drinkathon carbfest reboot, the Nickel is known for their maple-bacon donut, a unique culinary indulgence that everyone should try at least once in their life. After all, life is short. Eat grand.