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Best Beaches Near DTLA

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If you’re coming to the California and looking for 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Los Angeles, then you’ll most certainly be looking for some time to spend at the beautiful beaches at some point in the near future. No surprise there, but what might raise your eyebrows is how easy it is to get to many of the area’s beaches right from the luxurious enclaves of DTLA.

There’s no shortage of them either. No matter what your personal preferences when it comes to hitting the water, chances are you can find something to fit the bill among the many options around Los Angeles. Which beaches are we referring to, and where are they in relation to your new DTLA home? We’re going to be taking a look at those exact factors today while narrowing down which beaches are most worth your while.

Where Are All These Great Beaches Near DTLA?

A good question. To answer that, we have to determine which beaches are considered the best, no? Thankfully, that bit of heavy lifting has already been taken care of, courtesy of Discover Los Angeles. They’ve rounded up eight of the area’s finest beach spots, and given some helpful notes as to what makes each location so attractive. We’ve but to analyze what getting there from DTLA is like, and provide some background on what you’ll want to head to these various spots to enjoy.

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Due almost precisely west of DTLA is Leo Carrillo State Beach. It’s about a 54-mile drive if you’re taking US-101 North, but a 42-mile jaunt if you prefer the straight shot of I-10 West and CA-1 North. As for the beach itself, it’s a rather scenic affair, complete with 1.5 miles of actual beachfront for “swimming, windsurfing, surf fishing, and beach combing.”

El Matador State Beach

In the same vicinity as Leo Carrillo State Beach, you’ll also find El Matador State Beach. If you’re traveling by way of US-101 North, you’re in for a 52-mile drive. If you instead decide to head on CA-1 North, you’re looking at a shorter 38-mile journey. You’ll note that there’s not much in the way of additional facilities here, but the views of this beach more than make up for that fact. Rocky shores and sun-drenched scenery, combined with crystal clear water make El Matador State Beach a veritable lovers’ paradise.

Malibu Surfrider Beach

The name almost gives this one away, no? Indeed, Malibu Surfrider Beach is the place you’ll want to go if you’re interested in catching some waves. The cool ocean water and crowds of other interested surf enthusiasts make this the spot of choice when it’s time to give your board some serious action. If you want to head out this way, you’ll need to hop on the road to Malibu, which will be a 26-mile drive taking I-10 West and CA-1 North.

Santa Monica Beach

Get yourself onto I-10 West, and you can expect a 15 mile drive over to Santa Monica Beach, a closer option than the first few on the list. Dubbed an area classic, this beach contains the historic Santa Monica Pier and holds the distinction of being one of Los Angeles’ most popular beach destinations. You’ll be able to engage in plenty of standard beach activities, including volleyball, when you pay a visit to this two-mile slice of paradise, and have the opportunity to scope out plenty of street performers as well.

Venice Beach

There are multiple routes to Venice Beach from DTLA. You could, for instance, travel down CA-90 West, which would be a 16-mile trip. If you’d prefer, however, I-110 South works as well, and you’ll make the ride in about 19-miles. Once there, you’ll be right in the midst of another LA hot spot. The boardwalk is a popular place for strolling and people watching, and you’ll see more than your fair share of entertainers, bodybuilders, and other personalities as you enjoy your beach day here.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is known for for being a laid-back destination with quiet views of its majestic shoreline. There’s a fair bit of trendiness to experience as well, but all-in-all you’ll be getting an unadulterated beach experience when you make the journey here. Plenty of sand and volleyball courts, and more than enough action in the water to go around as well. I-110 South and I-105 West are the routes to take, and you’ll be in store for a 20-mile ride.

Hermosa Beach

“Stylish” is a word used to describe Hermosa Beach. It’s not that other beaches in the area have no style, rather, that Hermosa Beach has so much that it needs to be mentioned in a description of this seaside marvel. One look at the Hermosa Beach pier and you’ll see what we mean, and as you stroll along the beach, you’ll notice it’s the perfect spot for all manner of sunbathing, surfing, paddle boarding, and, of course, beach volleyball. Take I-110 South and West 190th Street to get there, and it will take you about 21 miles.

Cabrillo Beach

Last up is Cabrillo Beach. Unlike the others on the list, you’ll be heading south down I-110 South to get here, as the beach is nestled among the serenity of sunny San Pedro. Family-friendly and altogether serene, this is the beach to hit if relaxation is on your menu. There are, however, a few points of interest nearby if you need some adventure, like the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and Point Fermin Park.

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