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Autumn Day Trips Near DTLA

Distant hot air ballon in the sky, viewed between tree tops

No matter how fabulous it may be, if you’ve been cooped up in one of those 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Los Angeles all summer, it’s high time you gave yourself a break from the city and did some adventuring. Thankfully, you’re in luck in that regard, since Southern California has more than its fair share of day-long getaways you can indulge in, and we’ve got the lowdown on a few you can get to from the comforts of DTLA in no time at all. Here are a few ideas to add to your list.

The Wonders of the Temecula Valley

Just a 90-mile drive southeast of Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find the beautiful Temecula Valley. Just what will you find in this sun-drenched rift? Wine country, for starters. Temecula County Wine Growers are known for award winning blends and the gorgeous settings in which their wineries are based. They say Temecula Valley is the “jewel” of Riverside County, and after tasting some of these wines you might be inclined to agree. Even if wine isn’t your primary motivator, though, you’ll still find plenty to make this area worth the drive for yourself.

Temecula Valley has a wide array of touristy fun to partake in — from hot air ballooning to community theaters and museums. If you’re the browsing type, a stop by the Old Town Temecula Shops and Lake Elsinore Outlets is a must, as you can find some of the best deals on boutique and brand names alike at these locations. And while you’re driving back, be sure to get a good look at those Santa Ana Mountains; speaking of which, there’s no reason not to give them a look, if you’re the hiking sort.

The Natural Beauty of the Santa Ana Mountains

The Santa Ana Mountains, one of the “largest intact natural landscapes remaining in coastal Southern California,” according to Nature, is one of the most intriguing wildlife areas you’ll find within driving distance of Los Angeles:

“Here is the largest coastal open space in southern California, some of its rarest woodlands, its most impressive grasslands, as well as extensive chaparral. The only year-round free-flowing river in the vicinity—the Santa Margarita—runs down the southern end of the mountains, and a steep-walled sandstone ravine reminds onlookers of a small-scale Grand Canyon.”

You can get a look at all of these amazing features yourself on a visit to Santa Ana, and there are several public venues you can use as your starting point to exploring this magnificent expanse, like the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. There’s a vistor center here, which connects you to trails and more, and plenty of educational programs to make use of if you feel like learning more about the surrounding area.

You might also try heading to the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, or freestyling it by following any of the number of hikes laid out by Hiker’s Way. They’ve numerous entries, which range from beginner hikes to strenuous, high-level workouts. You’re sure to make the most of your day trip when you hit the hills and have your camera in tow as you traverse the lovely landscape.

Relaxing at Palm Springs

The name Palm Springs is nearly synonymous with taking it easy, and if you’re up for the 110-mile drive out east from DTLA, you can experience the luxurious lifestyle of this vacation oasis for a day. Casual poolsides, beautiful resorts, fabulous hotels — it’s like a relaxing heaven on earth, and there’s even more to it than the glitz of the R&R spots, if you know the right places to look.

Checking out the historic sites and landmarks can provide a near-endless amount of fun, if you’re interested, and if you’re feeling more adventurous, you might try a hardcore Hummer tour up in Joshua Tree:

“Rumble through Joshua Tree’s desert plains, ancient canyons, and the inviting Thousand Palms Oasis on this Hummer adventure. Access scenic back roads not open to the general public, and enjoy panoramic views while riding under the rugged vehicle’s open top.”

What better way to view nature than from atop a sturdy hummer? You can tour the San Andreas fault and ancient canyons while learning more about that all-important California geology, all the while relaxing with a bestie and some other interested tour goers as you survey the sunny Cali landscapes in style.

Head South to San Diego

If you’re still in the mood for a city setting, but just want a change of pace as far as the city is concerned, San Diego is just 120 miles to the south. Like Los Angeles, this area has beaches, museums, galleries, performing arts, and all the amazing things major cities are well-known for having. In San Diego, you have the added bonus of access to sites like the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, the Safari Park, and LegoLand as well.

One thing you’ll definitely enjoy about a day trip to San Diego is the fact that you can have a ton of fun without spending a ton of money. Just check out this sample itinerary, courtesy of the City of San Diego itself. There are plenty of options for thrills that don’t require a hefty upfront investment, and even the ones that do necessitate a bit of cash are plenty reasonable, so you’ll be able to live it up while you’re there.

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