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Art in DTLA, Part 3

A metal sculpture and fountain outside a building's courtyard

This week we’re talking about A.R.T.

Don’t be alarmed. It’s still only a three letter word. Some people just happen to devote their lives to its discovery. And a lot of those same people also happen live in L.A. So unless you’ve been hiding in a cultural void for the last fifteen years, you already know downtown’s arts community is thriving. As is inevitable in these cases, this has also laid the groundwork for area businesses and real estate. Don’t you love the smell of gentrification in the morning?

However, if you are more retro than avant garde, the gallery scene may not be for you. If discovering new art isn’t your thing, all is not lost. You can always visit one of these time tested pillars of cultural achievement, also conveniently located in your city.

1. The Grammy Museum

 > currently featuring the Laurel Canyon exhibit   

2. Japanese American National Museum

 > Hello, *Hello Kitty* retrospective!


 > Don’t miss the Abstract Expressionism from the permanent collection for a fine sampling of Pollock, Motherwell, et al.    

[photo via Huffington Post]