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Art in DTLA, Part. 2

A brick brewery building

Head a few blocks east of Eighth and Grand's downtown apartments and you’ll be in the Arts District, a thriving enclave of the visual set and future arbiters of taste. Ever since the Brewery Art colony transformed the old PBR plant into one of the largest creative meccas in the country, the bi-annual art walks here have been one of the most highly anticipated events downtown.

For two weekends every year the artists in residence open their doors to the public. As you walk from loft to loft you not only get to see the work in the context of where it is being created but you are also afforded a glimpse into the lives of the people who make it. On your way to thumb through a display of prints, you may pass through an artist's kitchen or even past their bed. It is one of the most voyeuristic and excellent craft fairs you can attend (the craft here doesn't just apply to art - local brewers like Angel City are also on hand with kegs on tap.)

The next Brewery Art Walk is April 25/26. Thank god for the Artist-in-Residence code of 1982, amirite?

Read all about the brewery's rocky past and rise to glory here


[photo via KCET]