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“Abide” at these dive bars

A group of friends toasting in a bar

Don’t get us wrong. We love living the high life here at Eighth and Grand. But sometimes we just want to keep it real, you know – commune with the salt of the earth, maybe even sling back a few in the middle of the afternoon. So if you dig the occasional torn and frayed vibe, or just feel like takin’ ‘er easy for all us sinners, then dive head first in to this list of our favorite local dive bars. Cheers!

1. King Eddy Saloon

The oldest bar in the city, King Eddy’s dates back to 1933 (was anybody even alive then?!) and it was once a favored hangout of skid row poet laureate Charles Bukowski and the novelist John Fante (it is also the site of an annual celebration of Buk’s work) and with a $3 vodka cranberry who can resist a little liberal libation now and then?

2. The Grand Star Jazz Club

The miniature Saturday Night Fever-style light-up floor makes this decadent disco dive a dream come true. A clubby dance vibe is what you might expect, and this place has been known to host some pretty killer parties – the duct-taped upholstery being a fitting testament to this tradition.

3. Back Door Pub

Located behind the Milner Hotel (and not open past 9pm), this place caters to an alternative afternoon crowd. Feel like pontificating on the merits of abstract expressionism or pondering the significance of high art after an afternoon at the MOCA? This is your place. No, they didn’t forget to take down their Christmas lights. Those stay up year round!

4. Far Bar

A little out-of-the-way place, as in you have to walk down an alley to get there. The drinks are little pricey compared to the others on this list, but this place is awesome. It’s close to the Japanese American Museum and also has a thing for string lights. (That's kind of kind of a running theme in L.A. -- Get used to it!) Oh, and try the Asian Zombie.

5. Hop Louie

This classic divey spot is like stepping into old Chinatown. So sidle up the bar, have a Singapore Sling and forget about Mrs. Mulwray. After all, it is Chinatown, Jake.

[photo via LA Weekly]